Many people go through life without needing the assistance of an attorney.  If you are one of those people, you are very fortunate.  But, for those who find themselves in a vulnerable position, choosing a law firm can be a difficult decision.  The wrong choice can cost you time, money or worst.  The ADVOCATE Law Group prides itself on providing sound legal counseling, experienced representation and proven results.  Representing clients on a diversity of issues including family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury and Social Security disability. The ADVOCATE Law Group is committed to advancing our clients’ objectives and finding practical solutions to difficult legal challenges. 

At The ADVOCATE Law Group, we understand the complexities and sensitive nature of legal matters, which is why our approach to representation is quite simple. We listen to you. We promptly return your phone calls.  We keep you informed and prepared.  We respect your time. We understand your concerns.  And most importantly, WE CARE.

The ADVOCATE Law Group will never push you into a settlement just to get rid of your case.  Alternatively, The ADVOCATE Law Group, will never pressure you into a fight just to make your case continuous and increase legal fees.  The ADVOCATE Law Group will give you straight forward advice and manage your case with honesty and integrity. When you need an attorney, The ADVOCATE Law Group would be honored to put it’s experience to work for you.