At The ADVOCATE Law Group, we understand the complexities and sensitive nature of family matters, which is why our approach to family law is quite simple.  We listen to you. We return your phone calls promptly.  We keep you informed and prepared.  We respect your time. We understand your concerns.  And most importantly, we care.

The ADVOCATE Law Group will never push you into a settlement just to get rid of your case.  Alternatively, The ADVOCATE Law Group, will never pressure you into a fight just to make your case continuous and run up legal fees.  The ADVOCATE Law Group will give you straight forward advice and manage your case with honesty and integrity.

If necessary, The ADVOCATE Law Group aggressively litigates divorces, alimony/child support modifications, custody or parenting time issues, relocation requests, post judgment issues, and all other areas of family law practice.  If you need help with a family law matter, The ADVOCATE Law Group would be honored to put its experience to work for you.


Divorce proceedings can be one of the most traumatic and stressful situations most people face. With the emotional strains involved in the process, it can be difficult to make rational and objective decisions regarding your proceedings. Therefore, it is essential to have an experienced attorney who will protect your legal and financial interest, while at the same time being sensitive and helping you with your emotional needs.  The ADVOCATE Law Group help individuals at all stages of a divorce, from the initial filing through negotiated settlements or trial. We handle all matters related to divorce, including child custody and visitation, child support, alimony/spousal support and property settlements. Even after the divorce is finalized, post-judgment issues can arise and The ADVOCATE Law Group is there to assist.

Child Custody and Visitation

The ADVOCATE Law Group will help you develop and put in place custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your minor children and that protect and promote your rights as a parent. We are intimately familiar with Michigan’s 12 factor test for obtaining custody and will assist you to identify the best situation for your children.

If your custodial arrangement is final but your circumstances have changed or the other parent is not cooperating with you, The ADVOCATE Law Group will help you seek modification of the terms of an existing child custody order.


Raising a child on a single income is becoming increasingly difficult.  Child support is intended to help a single parent provide a child with the food, clothing, and a lifestyle they need to flourish.  The ADVOCATE Law Group has years of experience in addressing child support issues.

On the surface, child support seems fairly simple. It is determined by the Michigan Child Support Guidelines.  Information is plugged in and it calculates how much the child support should be.  In reality, child support can be much more complex.  While it is based on a formula, we have a certain amount of input in regards to the numbers that are entered into the formula.  At The ADVOCATE Law Group, our goal is to insure that all information is accounted for so the amount of child support calculated is proper and truly fair.

Child Support Issues:

–          Valuation of Income      – Support during the initial divorce process

–          Fluctuate Income           – Modification of Support

–          Disability Income           – Support involving military or immigrant parents

When you choose The ADVOCATE Law Group, we will carefully examine all information and work hard to get you the results you need.

Paternity Disputes

It is important that you consult with a professional to understand both the law and your options from the beginning when questioning whether you are the biological father of a child.  The ADVOCATE Law Group has the knowledge and experience that will help in a paternity determination case. We will use a DNA paternity test to establish or refute fatherhood.  Further, if it has been determined that you are in fact the father, we will establish and protect your rights.


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