Social Security Disability

It can be frustrating when you know you cannot work and your claim for Social Security disability is initially denied. Although most people are denied the first time, you should not give up. The ADVOCATE Law Group can advise you throughout the application procedures. The process to appeal can be long and tedious, but success is possible. However, you have a limited amount of time to file for an appeal therefore, it is important to call The ADVOCATE Law Group if your claim is denied.

An experienced attorney will:

  • understand your impairments
  • analyze your Social Security file
  • prepare your case
  • obtain important evidence such as medical records
  • prepare your testimony
  • make helpful legal arguments before and during the hearing
  • question witnesses
  • cross-examine any medical and/or vocational experts who testify at your hearing
  • file appeals in a timely manner
  • represent you at each stage of your claim